Gluten-Free Junk Food Cravings

GF hamburger

I hear it so often: "You must be soooo healthy with your gluten-free diet and all that stuff."
I don`t know if I am, but people think that being on the gluten-free diet means that you live healthy and that every  meal you take is painfully balanced to the core. Even though it is a known fact that industrial GF products are fattier, have more sugar, people who are not on the gluten-free diet do not perceive them as unhealthy.
So at the end, when I am in the hurry or when I don`t feel like explaining too much, I nod and say - yes, of course, I live totally healthy.
It is known among my friends that I actually am a food snob. I don`t buy any foods (from unfamiliar producers, foods in funny looking packages or even on special offers (yes, I know...).
But even I, the food saint, have days when I would, if only I could, eat the whole bucket of funny flavoured chips of just any brand, stack of hamburgers, drink litres of Coke, or even beer and cement all that with the huge bowl of ice cream. With waffles.
But I don`t do that.
Instead of compulsively buying the cheapest  and unhealthiest snacks I could find,  I go to the first store where I can buy gluten-free healthy "junk foods"  (such are oven baked potato chips), safe ice cream and chocolate. No hamburgers for me, no French fries or artificial flavoured snacks (yesterday, I craved for gluten-free cheese flavoured chips, but couldn`t find any).
But still it works, even in Croatia where healthy-gluten-free-junk-food and snacks are being more and more available.
They do their purpose just fine - to extinguish the craving crisis so we could go back to normal - being soooo healthy on our gluten-free diet.