...To go gluten-free, where do I begin?

daisies on wooden surface

When for the medical reasons, because you were just diagnosed with celiac disease, you need to change your nutrition, all of the sudden you have all those questions and dilemmas rumbling through your mind. Your entire life just turned upside-down in one single day.
All the food you enjoyed till yesterday, suddenly becomes your worst enemy, meals that were related to the little rituals now are forbidden, something perceived as poisonous and destructive to your health.
All the habits you had for breakfast or lunch,  coffee and croissant with friends, parties and celebrations, all that is suddenly something you don`t feel comfortable about. It all seemsunpleasantly different and you feel confused, isolated, frustrated.
Even desperate and angry.
You are even considering to come back to that doctor who told you about your diagnosis and simply deny by telling hin: „Listen man, I don`t have any, what you call, celiac disease, let`s do this all over again...“
So you`re standing like that, thinking what to do, in front of the hospital door. Surely, doctors are pleased, another one celiac successfully diagnosed, and you... With a long, deep sigh, you shove your bag under your arm and ask yourself: What the hell am I supposed to do now? Lists of forbidden, semi forbidden  and allowed food, what in the world is that? Who in their right mind is eating out of some kind of  a list?
You are thinking about sending everything to hell and simply check in the hospital again; they`ll know what to do with you, right?
So you are staring into to diagnosis on your discharge papers:  morbus coeliacus and underlined and in bold letters it says: strict gluten-free diet for life.
Well, no wonder that it sounds the same as life in prison.
Still, every single  individual who values the health and life, who approaches with responsibility in solving their medical problem, once said is enough: there is zero tolerance in cheating in the gluten-free diet.
There will be no teary goodbyes with your favorite pizza, greasy cheeseburger or that big, fat, seductive vanilla slice which you still dream of. There will be none of that. Deal with it.
Nowadays it is not enough any more to just avoid gluten in your food. From celiac in the 21st century, there are much greater expectations.Your nutrition needs to be well balanced and you need to know more than others who are on the standard diet.

  • To be gluten-free means to be informed, to open new, different gastronomical horizons, accept new food, have a healthy and balanced menu, let your imagination go wild in choosing groceries and cooking
  • Avoid completely and absolutely all food that you are not sure of; if you cannot come to know the origin of it and basic ingredients.
  • Try to look at the gluten-free diet as something positive. Maybe just now you `re thinking to yourself: What kind of crazy person is writing this? Well, the same one who sees the gluten-free food as a grand new possibility. Go beyond greasy and fried food, slices of bread with every single meal, cheap instant food. You can do better than that.
  • Bring colors to your menu; season fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, fish, meat, healthy sweets, everything that is gluten-free. And that list is much longer than the opposite one. Exactly at this point you will, hopefully, start looking at your new diet plan as something positive.
  • Try to avoid words such are: forbidden and allowed food. To me personally it sounds somehow military and commanding. Or nutrition regime – sounds terrible, doesn`t it? Rather say food with or without gluten, or simply eating or diet plan. Maybe subconsciously you`ll find it less restrictive and you`ll start looking at it as something you willingly chose and something you have control over.
  • You`ll be so proud of yourself when you see how great you are doing –  sticking to the diet. Believe me, it is such a rewarding feeling, so much more worth than any longing look to a pizzeria or a croissant place.  You may be pleasantly surprised when you discover what a great self-control and discipline you have.