To be Gluten-Free in Croatia
Celiac disease is being more and more recognized in Croatia over the past decade. We have great doctors and good medical care. Our national center for treatment of celiac disease is situated in Zagreb, in the medical center, KBC Zagreb. Testing, diagnostics and treatment is of the same standard as in all other EU countries.


Istrian One Day GF Gourmet Excursions

Day One – Truffle Day / Location: North-West Istria
Visit north-west  Istria, its medieval towns and villages,  Motovun and Oprtalj region, overlooking the river Mirna valley – the famous truffle region. Possibility to arrange truffle hunting demonstration with (truffle) hunter and his (or hers) trained dogs.
Lunch in Motovun – gluten-free truffle specialties.

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Croatia is the only Slavic country which proudly holds such a long Mediterranean coastline, (together with our islands and mainland coast, more than 4 thousand km!), situated on the crossing between Middle Europe and Balkans. The country is touched by hint of Balkans, Austrian, Middle Europe, Mediterranean charm and Slavic tradition.

For your gluten-free tailor made holiday, you couldn`t have found a better match. Hope it doesn`t sound pretentious and this is why...
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