New Year, New Gluten-Free Themes!

New Year Card

It may be the end of one calendar year,  but actually, it is only the beginning  for Abeona. We want to accomplish our goals also by writing about relevant topics that are directly related to the gluten-free lifestyle.
Therefore, I can announce following themes that will find their place on this website in the first months of 2014:

  • Excessive consummation of gluten-free processed food
  • Oats – everlasting dilemma
  • What does traces of gluten“ really mean?
  • What are gluten-free superfoods?
  • How should gluten-free nutrition of the 21st century look like?
  • How to go from „endure the diet“ to „enjoy the diet“?
  • Rebellion crises, denial and consciously avoiding the diet.
  • Do men see the celiac disease differently from women?
  • Does the celiac disease affect the quality of life and our life choices and how?
  • To be celiac and vegetarian or vegan – good or bad idea?

We will host medical professionals to give us their expert opinion on certain topics, as well as the stories of real-life people coping with celiac disease. We will try to cover all age ranges; from toddler`s parents, teenagers,  young career and family people – they all will share their experience of living as a celiac.