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Gluten-free cooking team building
Did you know that cooking (not just bungee jumping or canoeing)  in the team of associates makes work relationships stronger and sharpens problem solving and leadership skills? Also, it improves communication, develops team roles and overall, increases team work and productivity level.

Really, why not try to gain all that by cooking  with your team?

Taylor made, gluten-free gourmet private sessions  for minimum of 2 persons

We encourage true gluten-free foodies  and all others eager to know more, to experience Istrian cuisine on this private session designed specially for them.

Menu will be created according to client`s whishes.

duration of the session, availability and prices: on request

Half day gluten-free cooking classes  for smaller groups of minimum 4 and maximum 10 persons.
This small-group hands-on cooking class will give you an insight  of how to prepare local Istrian gluten-free delicacies, discovering some useful tricks and tips, as well as the knowledge of  how to successfully  prepare the same recipe again at home
You will experience all the advantages by participating in the small group of attendants.