Discover Croatia

lavender fileds

Croatia is the only Slavic country which proudly holds such a long Mediterranean coastline, (together with our islands and mainland coast, more than 4 thousand km!), situated on the crossing between Middle Europe and Balkans. The country is touched by hint of Balkans, Austrian, Middle Europe, Mediterranean charm and Slavic tradition. Our neighbors are colorful just like Croatia itself; from our former Yugoslavian Republics who are tightly circling us on the east, through Hungary in the north, sharing the vast Pannonia plane, ending with Italy who we share the Adriatic Sea with.
A lot of words that are part of Croatian language have German or Turkish origin due to century’s long rule of Habsburg Monarchy and Otoman Empire in the central part of Croatia. Through last decades, we use a lot of English phrases in our language. English is the most popular foreign language in Croatia, certainly because of the modern media and global trends.
Why chose Croatia for your next holiday?
Just imagine, a Mediterranean holiday; lavender and sunflower fields, crystal blue sea, vineyards, olives, fish, heady wine, nights in the scent of pine trees and figs.
Numerous historical and cultural spots, night life, entertainment, sports...
 All that will make your holiday in Croatia unforgettable.

Mediterranean is among top world holiday destinations.
Still, most of the people think of Greece, South of Italy, France or Spain.
Go different, go somewhere undiscovered yet.
Discover Croatia for yourself.