Why Travel Gluten-Free With Abeona?

For your gluten-free tailor made holiday, you couldn`t have found a better match. Hope it doesn`t sound pretentious and this is why...
I  have worked in the travel industry for 17 years; from guiding tours, being a representative, organizing excursions, contracting accommodation facilities to handling client`s reservations.
I am a certified tour guide for English and German language.
I also completed Writer`s Digest Fiction writing course, because deep inside me, I am a writer and a journalist. I have worked as a correspondent for several Croatian weekly magazines and Internet websites.
And also, I am a celiac my whole life. With the way I live and cook, just recently I managed to get, for the first time in my life, a normal biopsy result. Marsh score zero (0). A zero!
These are all the reasons for which I modestly hope that I can understand all of your gluten-free needs while vacationing.
Also, I do hope you can trust me with your wishes and finally feel like any ordinary guest who is just having fun while exploring a new country, not even once thinking about gluten and the fact that you are celiac for life.
While vacationing with Abeona, you don`t have to rumble around through plastic bag always dragging your special bread or pasta, exhausting  yourself while explaining what you can or cannot eat.
I`ll do it for you.
You can say that you are a celiac only to me. Once.  It will stay just between you and me.
And more than that, from the local gastronomy point of view, you won`t miss a thing, maybe for the first time in your life, you will actually get to try the local cuisine, all of it. Or at least the important part.  
Can you imagine that?
That beautiful plate of pasta with truffles, homemade gnocchi, olive bread, all the pastry and cakes... Al that awaits for you, all safe and gluten free!
Just imagine.
Looking forward to your visit,